About l:uminous

Hi I’m Michelle founder and operator of L:uminous Distinctive Indulgent Soy Candles.


I have been crafting luxury hand-poured natural soy candles for customers throughout New Zealand since 2013.  Each product I produce, has been meticulously designed and handmade by myself in Wellington New Zealand.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed burning candles in my home. They create fabulous aroma and energy.


For sometime I struggled to find a candle in the market that gave off an exceptional scent throw throughout my home. This was the start of L:uminous...A candle that you could enjoy a powerful aroma  throughout your home for the full duration of your candle.

L:uminous Philosophy 

To create the best natural soy products I can, by never making compromises on the quality of my ingredients or products.

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